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Famous lesbian and bisexual celebrities

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Return of Xander Cage Latin superstar Ricky Martin has revealed he's finally happy in a relationship, in his first interview since coming out as a gay man.

Amid a firestorm of public scandal over their psychedelic investigations, both professors were fired from Harvard University in An active child, she excelled in karate and mountain climbing.

She came out as queer in on Twitter and wrote a longer essay for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls website talking about her attractions to men and women and how biphobia made it more difficult to come to terms with her own sexuality. Naked women rowers. She also played a bisexual character in American Horror Story: Doubtfire and Matilda Wormwood in Matilda Hawkins born November 1, is an American singer, songwriter, musician and painter. She is known for creating the Cartoon Network series Steven Universe, which has made her the first woman to independently create a series for the network.

Parker bornChelsea born and Blake born Ethel Waters October 31, — September 1, was an American blues, jazz and gospel vocalist and actress. Actress The Ides of March. Famous lesbian and bisexual celebrities. March 23, — September 27, is best known for being one of conspirators in the murder of Rasputin. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricky initiated his singing career in the Latin all boy-band group Menudo.

Here's what Tila had to say about the rumors on her website, "People can say whatever they want about me. Mercury is one of the best known Brazilian female singers, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide.

As part of her work for LGBT youth, Cyrus makes keen use of social media to spread positive images of gender-nonconforming people and the families who love them. Christina, we're pretty sure guys out there understand this and agree with you whole-heartedly but it's not going to stop them from fantasizing about you bumping uglies with the next chick.

The children share the same anonymous sperm donor. Unexpected nude photos. BC Gaius Valerias Catullus was a Roman poet known for writing neoteric poetry, focusing on his personal life rather than the heroes.

Growing up, he was full of energy and somewhat troublesome, so his parents decided to enroll him in This one comes as a surprise because Anna is married with children. January 5, — January 6, is an American novelist, essayist and columnist. Or something so deliciously naughty to another woman? June 3, — April 12, was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress. Page wanted to start acting at an early age and attended the Neptune Theater School.

Dietrich received the Medal of Freedom in Novemberfor her "extraordinary record entertaining troops overseas during the war". Originally born Amanda Rogers, at 15 she changed her name to Portia, saying that it was the most daring thing she had ever done up until that point. She has been married to Sophie Huber since Kim had been in a couple of unsuccessful relationships with men, so attraction to DJ Tracy Young was a gradual adjustment for her.

By the time she was 17 Elena knew that she wanted to channel her energy into being an The following list includes notable people who have self-identified as homosexual or bisexual, or whose homosexuality or bisexuality has been backed by sources that are usually considered reliable. The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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That's right Megan Fox has definitely taken a dive in the kitty pool.

Rebecca Sugar born July 9, is an American animator, director, screenwriter, producer, and songwriter.

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He was a pioneering bi rights activist, who was an important figure in the modern LGBT rights movement. Shemale fucks girl hard. It's not about a gender.

Anderson confessed that he thought being gay was something dangerous to talk about because of the slurs he heard growing up, so he kept it in for quite some time. June 3, — April 12, was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress. Bi black girls unite. Once again, there's something about Mary and we want photographic evidence. She was an avid supporter of liberal causes and railed against the socially conservative trajectory of the Democratic party in the Southern U.

All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. Famous lesbian and bisexual celebrities. His widow Yoko Ono says that they had discussed Lennon's attraction to men and she considered him bi. Lou Reed March 2, — October 27, was an American rock musician, songwriter, and photographer. Best lesbian wedding venues. That same year, Cullen released his lauded debut volume of poetry, Color. Although the charges were dropped, he was stripped of his top-secret security clearance and fired from RAND Corporation, where he had spent a few summers as a consultant.

Mary Lynn Rajskub born June 22, is an American actress and comedian, best known for portraying Chloe O'Brian in the Fox action thriller series She also kept extensive journals that chronicled her struggles with her attraction to women and her romantic relationships with two women.

While filming for Tomb Raider in war-torn Cambodia, Jolie personally witnessed the effects of a humanitarian crisis for the 1st time. The roles he lived off-screen were even more provocative than those he created in films. He was married and had multiple affairs with both men and women. The high prevalence of people from the West on this list may be due to societal attitudes toward homosexuality. Nixon, who identifies as bisexualhas been an outspoken advocate for marriage equality and other queer issues.

In the issue of Company Magazine Christina discussed her sexual freedom stating, "If I want to be sexual, it's for my own appreciation and enjoyment! Throughout her life she was a scandalous public figure, communist, atheist, outspoken, and openly bi. Daisy Hernandez born May 23, is a writer and editor in the United States.

Not faking shit anymore, not apologising for falling in love with people no matter their gender. Although she has yet to use the word bi, Demi Lovato has been open about being attracted to men and women.

Seventh HeavenSunrise: Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico. Celeste braun naked. As the mythical embodiment of masculinity and physical power, Hercules was virile beyond measure. His portrayal of Hamlet was selected for a Royal Command Performance.

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Tell us what you think about this feature. They identify as pansexual and have stated that they are attracted to multiple genders. We're pretty sure she's just as aggressive when it comes to the ladies, just as well as the guys in her love life. Erica campbell big tits. In she was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What I did know was that I was curious, and even then I knew that sexuality was not as black and white as this dress.

Soon after, Jenny was approached by a casting director while saddling her Hercules, the most famous alpha male of all time, is the Roman name for the Greek divine hero Heracles. People can say what they want, but I'm having a good time.

It doesn't really work like that. Famous lesbian and bisexual celebrities. Sexy question to ask your girlfriend She has been married to Jodie Foster since April 20, Newman, 36, said he felt compelled to come out after volunteering at a shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth.

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